“I would like to recommend Tanya Lyons, who with her healing method has done a lot for me. Every encounter with her released more and more energetic barriers that I carried within myself without being aware or knowing how to break free. I received unconditional love and many things I wanted to get answers to in my life, finally received a clear answer that I could work with and that felt very accurate. Tanya in her treatment incorporates touch, personal conversation and channelling.
I'll give you a very personal example so you'll understand how amazing this treatment is -
My mother passed away this year. My lower back began to hurt in a way it had never hurt before.  I could think it was because of the couch I was sitting on with my sister but it was clear to me that it couldn't be that. Although I combined several types of treatments, Tanya was able to discover that my mother's soul sat in my body and refused to rise to the light. That she's scared and still had the mundane diseases she had when she was here. So it was necessary to ask the Supreme Angels to help me free her and lead her soul to a safe place that would allow her to heal. The soul of my late brother Uri also helped my mother.
I got the insight that my feelings of guilt for what I was able to do for my mother as long as she was still alive and I thought I could save her were the energetic vulnerability that allowed her soul to settle in me.
Since the treatment, my back pain has completely gone and not come back.
In general, I'm having a really amazing time in my life, feeling really good. I feel that my path is much clearer to me than before and that now my path is bringing me success.

Shir Aloni

“Hello everyone,
I want to share with you a magical experience that I went through with Tanya ...
Ever since I was little I suffered nightmares and moonwalks, I always felt some presence with me ... but I was afraid to get into it, ... the great unknown is scary:)
I reached Tanya this week through a recommendation, I won't elaborate too much  on the treatment
Just that it was simply unimaginable ... magical ... touches of fear ... excitement ... many questions ... to this day ...
But the answers came after so many years
Suddenly everything worked out, the puzzle was complete
I highly recommend (the treatment ) and don't stop talking to people about what I've been through ...
My body simply let go and allowed my soul to soar.

Ravid Gaviel

Moshav Amirim & Carmiel


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