Sessions and Workshops


A deep, relaxing healing session allowing you to connect to your inner self, releasing the old and bring in new vibrant energy.

The treatment will include healing, guided imagery and channeling as well and will take you on an inner journey, leaving you feeling more relaxed and with deeper clarity.

Treatments can be one time only, or you can treat yourself to a deep journey with a series of sessions.

Each treatment lasts an hour and currently take place in Moshav Amirim. For more information and to book a session, contact Tanya.

Price: 280 Shekels / $80

10 Sessions: 2,500 Shekels / $720


One-on-One Sessions with Tanya


Because energy has no space or time, the treatments can take place anywhere you desire. 


Just find a comfortable and quiet place to be, where you will not be disturbed and we can begin.


The sessions are tailored to you and include guided imagery, healing and energy work.

Price: 250 Shekels / $70

10 Sessions: 2,200 Shekels / $635

Online Treatments

By phone, WhatsApp Video or Zoom

I offer tailor-made treatments for couples and groups.

The workshops combine guided imagery, healing, written work and ceremonies. They allow you to connect to your selves and the other participants.

Price: 350 - 800 Shekels


Couples and Group Workshops

Moshav Amirim & Carmiel


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