Healing Heart Therapy combines a host of methods to enable you to become the person you truly want to be. Most of us would love to be happy, to be successful and mostly to be at peace. 


When we have unresolved pain, and resentment, sorrow and anger within us, these emotions prevent us from being truly happy. 


In a Healing Heart Therapy session, I connect to YOU, to your body and also to your emotional and spiritual energy fields and with your permission, gently let go of those emotions, traumas, and past events that keep you "stuck". As we release these negative energies, we provide space for new light and love energy to enter your body.

How a session works

At the beginning of the treatment, I connect to the energy of Theta Healing which is a connection to the source, All That Is and we send you, the client, unconditional love. We then call on your higher spirit and guides to provide you with exactly the healing you need at this time.

The session can then go an infinite number of ways - each treatment is different depending on the issues being resolved and the energy that needs to be released.


I use massage to connect to the body - each area in the body can hold a different emotion, trauma, thought pattern or energy.

Some of the methods used include:

Chakra balancing: Balancing the seven energy centres that navigate our physical and emotional energy

Chord cutting: Clearing the emotional chords that bind us to other people, events and objects so that we can release these ties and repair our relationships

Channelling: Very often messages are provided by the angels and guides, or from a passed loved one who is watching over you and wishes to offer some words of comfort and love

Connection with your inner child: I believe every one of us has an inner child, the part of us that lived through our childhood and remembers who we were and what we experienced as children. Our inner child longs for us to connect with him or her and creating this connection can be a very beautiful and emotional experience

Trauma release - physical, emotional and spiritual: As I lay my hands on your body, your body "speaks" to me. I may see images of events that occurred in your life that still hold unresolved emotions for you, or I may see belief or thought patterns that are no longer conducive to your happiness. With your permission, we release the energy from these so that healing may occur.

The ultimate aim of all the sessions is to provide you with healing so that you can live YOUR life in happiness, to your full potential.

Moshav Amirim & Carmiel


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