‎Do You Feel Stressed in Your Life?‎

‎-‎ Do you feel that there is so much to do in your day to day life that you have no time for ‎yourself?‎
‎-‎ Do you feel a constant desire to get away, have a vacation, take time for yourself, but you ‎don’t know how to do this or you are convinced that it is impossible because of work / your ‎children’s needs/ your family’s needs must be taken care of first and there is not enough time ‎left for you?‎

How I Can Help You

We clear you energy field and chakras of stagnant energy so that you feel vitalized, have more energy ‎and are re-aligned with yourself.‎

Together we ask your inner truth what it really needs, within the framework of your daily life and ‎responsibilities.‎

Sometimes people feel they want to run away because facing up to painful emotions is too difficult. If ‎this is the case, we gently uncover these emotions and heal them in a way that is gentle and positive ‎for you.‎

We explore the thought patterns and beliefs that make you feel stressed, such as “there is no time”, ‎‎“It is my duty to put other people’s needs before my own”‎
We find practical ways for you to bring more joy and happiness into your life and fulfill your heart’s ‎desire.

Maybe you have always dreamed of painting, dancing, meditating. Maybe you would like more ‎time to relax on the beach and read a book. We figure out what it is you truly desire and how you can ‎make it happen.‎

Moshav Amirim & Carmiel


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