‎Do You Crave Better Relationships?

‎- Do you wish you had better romantic relationships? Do you find it hard to love?
‎- Do you feel angry and let down sometimes?
- Do you feel that your parents were not there for ‎you, did not spend enough time with you, abused you, were too strict with you?
‎ -Do you constantly hear your parents’ voice in your head telling you what to do, or putting you ‎down, not allowing you to do or be what you truly want?

How I can help you

I help you listen to your inner knowing, to find the core issues.

Each treatment session is different. We may need to cut energy chords with people in your ‎life, past or present.‎

We will go back and visit your inner child, uncovering the residues of pain that may still exist.‎

We will teach you to be the inner parent providing love and assurance for your inner child.‎

We will examine the belief systems you hold regarding the your relationships with others and ‎your self and help you create new belief systems.

We will work with the emotions you feel and allow you to face them and heal them.‎

Moshav Amirim & Carmiel


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