Pleased to meet you and welcome. I'm Tanya. 

From an early age, I knew I had psychic abilities. I was born in Israel but grew up with my family in London, UK. I always felt drawn to spirituality and early on began to study it. A therapist introduced me to guided imagery and healing modalities and I was hooked. I learnt about healing and flew to the US to become a certified facilitator of Louise H. Hay’s “ You Can Heal Your Life” course.

​For many years I felt compelled to “heal myself” before I could help others, and I participated in many workshops, seminars and treatments. Treatment for me has shown me how to release my own childhood issues, such as my parent’s breakup, and heal my own self image and realize that I deserve to be happy and to live the life I want and that I have a gift for connecting to others, receiving messages for them and guiding them on their journey.

​I tried to deny this gift and worked in hi-tech in several positions, and finally as a project manager and online website manager for a major international hi-tech company. During that time, I facilitated guided imagery sessions to groups in the company I worked in and gave healing sessions to colleagues and friends.

My primary focus at first was healing and energy work but I realized that the treatments were lacking the connection to the physical realm. Once I learnt massage and to work with the body I developed a healing method where I “read” the body through touch and channelling. Contrary to what is popularly known, our emotions are not out there, or in the mind – they are stored in the body as emotional memories. By connecting to them, we can release the emotions that are no longer helpful to us so that our life force energy flows freely.

The name of the healing method I created is “healing Heart Therapy” – because the ultimate aim is that by healing our traumas we can heal our hearts and live a life of love. I provide treatment sessions and also guided imagery workshops and workshops based on the work of Louise Hay.

I love this work and witnessing clients heal and feel better is a wonderful sensation.

Moshav Amirim & Carmiel


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